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How to Add Studs to Saddlebags

by Shae Hazelton

Studding your motorcycle's saddlebags is a simple process that has a big visual impact. If you don't install the studs properly, though, they can lessen the integrity of the leather and put the items inside the saddlebag in jeopardy. You can also install the studs crooked, resulting in an unattractive saddlebag. As long as you take your time when studding the saddlebags and use caution, you should find it to be a simple task you can complete in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Empty the contents of the saddlebags so the studs don't poke them. Set your pile of studs next to the saddlebags for easy access.

Step 2

Examine the saddlebags to determine where you would like the studs installed. Install studs only on thin parts of the fabric and not through the solid siding of the saddlebag.

Step 3

Hold the thin piece of leather straight. Position the stud where you will install it. Press the stud into the leather, forcing an indentation into the surface.

Step 4

Pull the stud away from the leather, leaving nothing but the indentation on the leather. Place a leather punch over the indentations and press it down until it pierces the leather.

Poke the prongs on the back of the stud into the holes in the leather. Flip over the piece of leather so you can see the prongs. Bend the prongs with pliers until they face each other.

Items you will need

  • Leather punch
  • Pliers

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