How to Activate a GM XM Radio

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills

If you purchased a vehicle from General Motors equipped with an XM satellite radio, your automotive dealer should have already activated it for your. If not, the activation process will take just a few minutes. You will have a 90-day trial period to begin. You may continue service by notifying XM you want to continue with your chosen subscription. If your service is active but you're not picking up a signal, you will need to refresh your XM radio.


Find your XM radio ID code by pushing the “XM” button on your radio and turning the dial until you reach band “0.” This will display you radio ID code on the screen. Write down the code.


Speak with a customer-care representative for XM by phone (See Referneces). Tell the representative you want to activate your XM radio, installed in your GM vehicle.


Read your eight-digit radio ID code when prompted by the customer-care representative. The representative will check the status of your system and advise whether he or she needs to activate the subscription for you or if it is already active. If already active, the representative will advise you how long you have left on your 90-day trial.


Refresh your XM radio when prompted by the representative. Do this by visiting the XM radio refresh domain on the XM radio website, entering your radio ID in the form provided and clicking the “Submit” button (See References). You can now use your XM radio.

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