How to Access Diagnostic Codes for a 2000 Cadillac

by Nick Davis

Your 2000 Cadillac contains an on-board computer that monitors everything from oil pressure to the amount of oxygen entering your car's engine. When a condition within the engine, transmission or other component is malfunctioning, a trouble signal is sent to the computer and a diagnostic code is generated. The code tells you what the problem is by displaying information in your Cadillac "Driver's Information Center" on the dashboard. The diagnostic code disappears from the information center once the problem is corrected.

Turn your car's ignition to the "On" position. You don't have to start your car's engine, but there is no problem if you do so.

Press and hold the "On/Off" button and the "up arrow" button together on the "Driver's Information Center" for five seconds. The control panel is labeled on your dashboard.

Release the buttons when text starts to appear on the Driver's Information Center. You will notice all of the lights illuminate on your dashboard before text appears on the center.

Press the "up" and "down arrow" buttons to cycle through the diagnostic code(s) and information.

Write down the diagnostic code and any other information on a piece of paper. Consult your car's manual for a listing of the code descriptions.

Turn your car's ignition to the "Off" position to exit the Driver's Information Center diagnostic mode.


  • check If you don't have your Cadillac owner's manual, auto supply stores carry Cadillac repair manual; this book contains a list of diagnostic codes for your vehicle.

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