2005 GMC C6500 Specifications

by Bryan Cowing
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In the world of vehicles, there are worker vehicles, show vehicles and a combination of both. In 2005, General Motors Company created a more powerful worker vehicle--the GMC C6500. The C6500 is a medium-duty truck that can carry a hauling box on its frame. It can be thought of as a scaled-down version of an 18-wheeler. Examining the specific details of the GMC C6500 brings to light the durability and power that goes into a medium-duty truck.


The 2005 GMC C6500 has a Caterpillar 3126 engine. The Caterpillar brand is known for creating tough industrial engines, and GMC's decision to invest in a Caterpillar engine for the 2005 C6500 reflected a desire for durability and work performance. The 3126 engine in the GMC C6500 has brake horsepower (the horsepower measured at the drive shaft) with a range of 215 to 260.


Due to its large size, it is important for the 2005 GMC 6500 to have an oversized fuel tank. This vehicle can hold 75 gallons of fuel. Because the C6500 is often used to haul weighty products, decreasing fuel stops helps keep costs to a minimum. Measuring a mile per gallon ratio for the C6500 is difficult because of the varying amount of weight that can be added to the vehicle. Without a box or any material added to the truck, it can achieve 8 to 11 miles per gallon. The reason for this low MPG rate is the size and heaviness of the truck.


The wheelbase (the length from the center of the front wheels to the center of the rear wheels) for the 2005 GMC 6500 is 260 inches. The truck has a single axle, which means that there is a single rod running from the front of the truck to the back of the truck. The GVRW or Gross Vehicle Rated Weight, the maximum amount of weight that the truck is designed to carry, is 25,950 lbs.

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