2000 4Runner Fluid Specs

by Reese Armstrong

The 2000 Toyota 4Runner is much different than the original 1985 model, which was more like a pickup truck with extra seats. In 1995 the 4Runner was converted into a sport utility vehicle similar to the 2000 4Runner model. The 2000 Toyota 4Runner received upgrades from previous models such as daytime running lights, ABS-equipped models, matching fender colors and CD player. The 4Runner has many fluid compartments.

Fuel Tank

The 2000 Toyota 4Runner is designed to run on unleaded fuel, with an octane rating of 87 or greater. Toyota does not limit the fuel to 87 octane. The fuel tank of the 2000 model has a capacity of 18.5 gallons.

Transmission Fluid

Whether the 4Runner has an automatic transmission or a manual transmission will determine the vehicle's capacity for transmission fluid. An automatic 2000 4Runner has a transmission fluid capacity of 2 liters, while a manual transmission 4Runner will require about 3 liters of transmission fluid.


To maintain a proper level of engine oil in the 2000 4Runner, 6 liters of oil are required. Toyota recommends 5W-30 weight oil normally; however, if you live in a warmer climate 10W-30 weight is recommended.


Toyota recommends using a long-life coolant in its vehicles, including the 2000 4Runner. The 2000 4Runner will hold up to 11 quarts of coolant.

Brake Fluid

The 2000 Toyota 4Runner indicates a minimum and maximum level in the brake fluid reservoir. The brake fluid should always between the "Min" and "Max" markings. Toyota recommends using a Department of Transportation ranked level 3 brake fluid.

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