1991 Chevy K1500 Specifications

by Riccardo Giovanniello

The 1991 Chevrolet K1500 has several models of engines available, depending on the needs of the driver. The K1500 is Chevrolet's half-ton series which are available in both a short bed and a long bed. Three trims are available: the Cheyenne, which is the base trim, Silverado and Scottsdale variants. Many options and packages are also available for the K1500.

Engine and Transmission

The 1991 Chevrolet K1500 has three engine options. The smallest engine available is a four-liter, six-cylinder engine that can generate 160 horsepower and 235 foot-pounds of torque. For a slightly more powerful pickup, the K1500 can also come with a 6.2-liter, V-8 engine that can generate 140 horsepower and a torque of 255 foot-pounds. The largest engine available on the 1991 K1500 is a 7.4-liter, eight-cylinder engine that can generate 255 horsepower and 404 foot-pounds of torque. Each variation is equipped with a four-speed automatic overdrive transmission.


Both a standard cab and an extended cab are available on the 1991 Chevrolet K1500. Both models come with either a six and one-half-foot or eight-foot beds. The standard cab seats three people, while the extended cab can seat up to six. Both the standard and extended cabs have either rear two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.


The standard length of the 1991 Chevrolet K1500 is 194 inches; however, the extended cab model has a length of 213.3 inches. The pickup truck is 76.8 inches wide and has a curb weight ranging from 4,111 lbs. for the standard cab up to 4,450 lbs. for the extended cab. The wheel base for the standard cab is 117.5 inches while the extended cab has a wheel base of 141.5 inches. Payload capacity ranges from 1,335 lbs. on the standard and up to 1,750 lbs. on the extended cab.

Fuel Economy

Since the 1991 Chevrolet K1500 comes with three varying engines, fuel mileage differs for each. The smaller four-liter, six-cylinder engine has a fuel mileage of 15 to 16 miles per gallon for city driving and up to 20 miles per gallon on highways. The second engine, the 6.2-liter V8, has a fuel mileage of up to 18 miles per gallon for city driving and up to 23 miles per gallon on highways. The largest, the 7.4-liter, eight-cylinder engine, has considerably less fuel mileage. City driving has a fuel mileage of up to nine miles per gallon and only 12 miles per gallon on highways.

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