How to Find the Year of a KSF-250 Mojave

by John Smith

The Kawasaki KSF-250 ATV, more commonly known as the Mojave model, is an off-road all-terrain vehicle. If your Mojave ATV doesn't have the year listed and you no longer own the manual, you can use the vehicle identification number, or VIN, to figure out the year. All vehicles have a VIN made up of 17 characters which detail the make, model and year of the ATV as well as the individual serial number. Kawasaki's website has an ATV VIN deciphering tool that can tell you the year using the VIN.

Step 1

Check the body of the ATV for the 17-character VIN. The VIN is located on a plate to the left of the engine on the lower frame tube.

Step 2

Go to the main Kawasaki website at to access the vehicle information portal. On the main website, check the left pane for the "Owner Info" section and select "Owner's Manual, Warranty and More."

Step 3

Type the ATV VIN in the space provided next to the "Search by VIN" option. Click "Continue."

Step 4

Check the top of the screen on the following page. The year will be listed next to the description of the ATV.

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