Yamaha Bruin Specifications

by Matthew Anderson

The Yamaha Bruin 350 is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that was manufactured in 2006. In 2007, it was replaced by the Yamaha Grizzly 350. It is a four-wheel drive vehicle. The Bruin 350 in not street legal in areas that prohibit other ATV usage on roadways. It is primarily designed to cross terrain where there are no paved roadways available.

Engine Specifications

The Yamaha Bruin 350 has a 358cc four-stroke engine with an automatic transmission. This engine uses a single overhead camshaft. It has an air and oil cooler with a built-in fan. The compression rate is 9.2:1. The main starting system is electric. A backup pull system can be used to start the engine if the electric system fails. The engine feeds into a Yamaha Ultramatic V-Belt transmission.

Suspension and Brakes

The front suspension on the Yamaha Bruin 350 is an independent double wishbone. The rear suspension is a swing arm. Both suspensions have five-way preload adjustment. Dual hydraulic discs are used for the front brake system. Fully sealed drums are used for the rear brakes.

Body Specifications

The Yamaha Bruin 350 is 78.1 inches long, 42.7 inches wide and 44.1 inches tall. The seat is 32.6 inches above the ground. The ground clearance, the distance between the ground and the lowest point of the body, is 9.7 inches. The wheelbase, the distance from the center of the front tire to the center of the rear tire, is 48.5 inches. The Bruin 350 weighs 536 pounds when the fuel tank is empty. The fuel tank can hold 3.8 gallons.

Other Specifications

The Bruin 350 has two racks for storage. The front rack can carry a load of 88 pounds. The rear rack can carry a load of 176 pounds. This ATV is capable of towing up to 1102 pounds of weight. The main lighting comes from two 30-watt Krypton multireflector headlights. Two 5-watt brake lights are on the rear of the vehicle.

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