Why Won't My Polaris Sportsman 90 Start?

by Brianna Collins
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A number of factors can cause starting problems in the Polaris Sportsman 90 all terrain vehicle (ATV). This includes problems with the fuel level, battery or ignition system, as outlined in the quad's owner's manual.


Something as easily remedied as inadequate fuel levels can prevent the Sportsman 90 from starting correctly. Simply refuel with unleaded gasoline to get the quad running again if this is the problem. Gasoline should have a minimum octane rating of 87.


A discharged battery is also a common problem that can prevent the Sportsman 90 from starting. Remove the battery as outlined in the owner's manual and recharge it using a 0.5 amp charger to get the ATV up and running again.

Ignition System

Problems with the ignition system can also cause problems. Generally, owners must remove and adjust the ATV's spark plugs to repair this system. The Sportsman 90 takes NGK BPR7HS plugs with a gap of 0.28 inches. Details on how to service the plugs can be found in the Sportsman 90's owner's manual.

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