How to Install a 4-Wire Plug for a Trailer on a Dodge Caravan

by K.K. Lowell

Wiring a vehicle for a trailer connector was once a time consuming project. Each circuit had to be located with a test light and spliced to the trailer connector. With the advent of the wiring adapter a few years ago, this once difficult task has become a much easier project, one well within the abilities of the average do-it-yourselfer.

Open the rear hatch and remove the two small round black plastic rivets on the side of the tail-light area. Do this by pressing the pin in the center in and then prying the rivet out with a screwdriver. Have your hand on the tail light when you remove the second rivet as it may fall out. Remove the tail light to expose the wiring connector.

Unplug the wiring connector behind the tail light.

Plug the T-One connector in to the plug from the vehicle, then plug the tail light into the other side of the T-One connector.

Replace the tail-light, routing the T-One harness through the area between the tail light and the body. Reinsert the plastic rivets and reinstall the center pin in the rivet.

Secure the flat 4-trailer connector located on the end of the T-One harness to the trailer hitch with a nylon wire tie.

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