Wiper Problems on a GMC Envoy

by Amy Derby

In 2004, General Motors recalled 581,394 sport utility vehicles, including certain GMC Envoy and Envoy XL models, due to windshield wiper problems that could reduce driver visibility in inclement weather and increase the risk of a crash.


Some GMC Envoys were built with defective windshield wipers. These wipers may turn on or off by themselves or stop working altogether. Some drivers may notice that their wiper pumps are continuously running, which can cause a short circuit and corrode the components within the wiper module.

Incidents and Investigation

Prior to the recall, in 2003, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received 1,179 reports of windshield wiper failures in General Motors vehicles using the "family" design module (p/n 15171306 base, p/n 15171307 for vehicles equipped with rainsense automatic moisture sensitive wipers) that appeared in 2003-2004 model year GMC Envoy and Envoy XL vehicles. The NHTSA opened an investigation that prompted General Motors to recall these Envoys and other affected models in early 2004.


Beginning on July 6, 2004, authorized GMC dealers began offering free repairs for Envoy wiper problems as part of the recall. Dealers need to patch the wiper module vent hole and inspect the internal components and electrical system for signs of water damage or corrosion. Contact GMC or the NHTSA with a vehicle identification number (VIN) to determine if your Envoy wiper problems are related to this recall.

About the Author

Amy Derby is a writer from Chicago. She will graduate from Ashford University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and mass communication and a minor in criminal justice.