How to Winterize My Honda AquaTrax 1200

by Shellie Braeuner
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The Honda AquaTrax is a jet ski that works equally well in fresh or salt water. While enjoying it in ocean, lake or river, it's vital to follow all safety rules, including wearing a life jacket, watching for swimmers and controlling the craft's speed. A personal watercraft does not have brakes; it relies on the friction of the water to slow it down, making fast stops impossible. Cleaning the watercraft and preparing it for storage at the end of the season is important to maintain it in good condition.

Step 1

Drain the engine. Make sure that all the water is out of the engine. Tilt the jet ski so that any water will run out. Start the engine for no more than 30 seconds to blow and water out of the turbo jets.

Step 2

Clean the exterior. Use a non-detergent soap or any of the special marine-grade cleansers. Thoroughly scrub the hull and sides with a rag. Dry with another rag. After the machine is well cleaned is the perfect time to apply a coat of wax.

Step 3

Measure out the fuel stabilizer and pour the recommended amount into the gas tank. Fill the rest of the tank with gas. Start the engine for 30 seconds to force the fuel stabilizer through the engine.

Step 4

Oil the carburetor, pistons, cylinders and any other metal part that moves on metal. Be sure to wipe any excess oil from the engine.

Step 5

Remove the battery. Place the battery on a rubber mat somewhere where it will not freeze. Keep the battery in a well-ventilated area away from people.

Step 6

Stuff a rag into the exhaust to prevent insects or animals from crawling inside.

Step 7

Cover the AquaTrax with a well-fitting cover. Store the vehicle in a well-ventilated area. If it is outside, check the vehicle regularly.

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