Where Can I Find the VIN Number on Vehicles

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By Vehicles the Vehicles Beetle -- referred to by some as a Vehicles -- was a highly recognized car on roadways worldwide. Small improvements were made to most new models, so parts on older models may not fit on the Vehicles or newer cars. Locating the Vehicles identification number of your Vehicles Beetle may help you determine the correct replacement parts needed Vehicles your car. Knowing the location of the chassis and engine numbers may also help you determine if your car has the original factory equipment.

Under The Hood:

 Where Can I Find the VIN Number on a 1975 Ford Pickup?

VIN Locations

Ford stamped the truck's VIN in two places on the frame. In the engine compartment, look on top of the passenger-side frame rail below the alternator if your pickup has two-wheel drive, or just behind the front axle on four-wheel-drive pickups. If you need to dig further, the VIN is also stamped on top of the passenger-side rail under the cab, below the passenger seat. You'll need a mirror and flashlight to read this one. For either rail-stamped VIN, you'll likely need a stiff wire brush to remove accumulated dirt so you can read the numbers.

 How to Find a VIN Number on a 1969 VW Bug

Identification Plate

Open the front luggage compartment lid.

Twist the windshield washer hose off of the spare tire valve.

Loosen the wing nut that holds the spare tire in place.

Lift up the spare tire a few inches.

Locate the vehicle identification number stamped onto a plate attached to the sheet metal behind the tire.

Lower the spare tire. Replace the windshield washer hose and the wing nut.

Chassis Number

Grasp the underside of the front of the rear seat cushion.

Pull the seat cushion upwards.

Locate the chassis number stamped into the center raised portion of the sheet metal floor pan.

Push the seat cushion back into place.

Engine Number

Open the rear engine cover.

Locate the generator, which is mounted above and slightly to the right of the large crankshaft pulley.

Locate the generator mounting flange cast into the engine block.

Locate the engine number stamped into the flange.

Customer Identification Card

Open the original owner's manual.

Locate the card in the slot on the inside of the front cover of the manual.

Locate the vehicle identification number printed on the card.

 How to Find the Vin Number on a Honda Engine Block

Release the hood on your Honda. Prop it up using the supplied prop rod so that you have both hands free.

Look at the engine block. Even if you do not know much about cars, you will be able to figure out which part it is, as it is huge. It will usually have its displacement written somewhere on it (2.5L, perhaps). It may also say that it is a dual-overhead or single-overhead cam engine (DOHC or SOHC).

Look at the front of the engine block. You should see an area where some writing has been machined onto the front of the block. Your VIN will be in amongst this information, and will be labeled as such.

Write your VIN down. You may wish to keep it with any other documentation you have on your car for later consultation.

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