How to Find GMC Vehicle Specs by VIN Number

by Arthur Barnhouse
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The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, is more than just a random series of numbers and letters. The VIN on your GMC vehicle, as well as all other vehicles, is more like a code. Once this code is deciphered, it reveals all of the individual specs for your car or truck. For example, the first three characters in the VIN identify the manufacturer, make and type of vehicle. The fourth-through-eighth characters reveal more specific attributes, such as weight rating, series and engine. Meanwhile, the remaining characters identify the manufacturing plant and your vehicle’s number in the production process.

Step 1

Find the Vehicle Identification Number on your GMC. The VIN is most often located on the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side. Another common area for the VIN is a small plate or sticker which is stamped on the inner door frame of the driver’s side door. Some GM vehicles will also stamp the VIN on a plate which is affixed to the engine or engine compartment.

Step 2

Copy the VIN onto a piece of paper. As you write the number down, be sure that you copy it exactly. If you’re off by just one character, you will not be able to properly decipher your GMC vehicle’s specs. Thus, it’s important to double-check for errors.

Step 3

Go to a computer with Internet access and access the following website: ""

Step 4

Type your VIN in the space which reads “Enter VIN Here.” The space is at the top of the page. After you’ve entered the entire VIN, click on the “Decode!” button. The screen may ask you to select the trim which most closely matches that of your GMC vehicle. Simply select the trim that matches your vehicle and click “Select Trim.” If you’re not asked to select your trim, don’t worry. This only pertains to certain vehicles.

Step 5

Use your mouse to scroll down on the newly loaded page. This page will contain all the specs for your individual GMC car or truck. You’ll not only see information pertaining to model, trim and style, but also your engine and horsepower/torque.

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