How to Reset My Jeep Radio

by Matthew Thomas
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Jeep has been developing vehicles since World War II. Developed at first to assist the Army, Jeep has become a household name in American transportation. Amenities on most Jeep vehicles include the factory sound system, which is not without its issues. A common problem is resetting the radio. With the right information, this can be resolved quickly.

Radio Reset

Step 1

Find the serial number located on the firewall under the hood on driver's side.

Step 2

Find the VIN number located on the drivers side dash or the inside body panel by the floor near the parking-brake lever.

Step 3

Locate the make and model number.

Step 4

Locate the vehicle title.

Step 5

Contact your local Jeep dealership with this information.

Step 6

Retrieve the code for the radio from your dealer's service technician.

Step 7

Enter code using the channel up and down buttons.

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