What Is a Camshaft Synchronizer?

by Isabel Prontes

Camshaft synchronizers are devices that are driven off camshafts and couple up with sensors to tell the powertrain computers of cars exactly what point of rotation the camshaft is currently located. Then, the information that is extracted from the sensor is utilized by the powertrain computer to time the spark that will then ignite the mixture of fuel and air (inside of the cylinders).


Not all cars have camshaft synchronizers. The vehicles that do have engines that have older designs that were originally constructed to have conventional distributors, as the camshaft synchronizers mount in the exact same locations as the conventional distributors used to.


One thing you should be aware of with camshaft synchronizers is that they have a tendency to squeal when their bearing surfaces are headed towards failure. This occasionally results in some serious driving issues. To watch out for these sounds, listen at the synchronizer's base with a mechanic's stethoscope. Pull the camshaft position sensor off and see if the rotating part has been making contact with the sensor.


Camshaft synchronizers essentially are items that replace older design ignition distributors. These distributors were used as mechanical parts that were able to distribute sparks to all of the cylinders at the appropriate time frames. These synchronizers are used on ignition systems that don't have distributors to offer electronic substitutions for mechanical distributors. This makes for more efficient engines and higher performance quality.


Camshaft synchronizers are most especially necessary for sequential fuel injection (also known as SFI), to function efficiently and properly. The synchronizer assembly has sensors attached to the top of them, and the sensors must be taken off to allow timing of the assembly as well as installation of the synchronizer.


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