Warranty Information for BMW Motorcycles

by Hunkar Ozyasar

BMW motorcycles are sold with a standard three year/36,000 mile warranty. This is considerably less than the five year/50,000 mile warranty on BMW automobiles, but somewhat understandable when you consider that motorcycle engines are usually less durable than their automotive counterparts, and users put on fewer miles on motorcycles than they do on cars. Third party repair shops offer extended warranties on BMW motorcycles, which can be purchased at any time.

Three years/36,000 Miles

The standard warranty on BMW motorcycles is three years/36,000 miles. This includes manufacturing defects, which are repaired free of charge. The warranty covers BMWs with less than 36,000 miles on the odometer within three years of purchase.


Under the terms of the warranty, BMW requires that all scheduled maintenance be performed on the motorcycle by an authorized dealer. If the user fails to bring in the motorcycle for an oil change on time and experiences mechanical failure as a result of this, the warranty would not cover the issue. To ensure that original parts are used and the work is performed by properly trained technicians, all work must be performed by an authorized dealer.


Like all manufacturers, BMW will not honor warranty claims if the service technician determines that the motorcycle has been abused. Racing will automatically void the warranty as all products in the BMW line have been designed for "road use." Off-roading, too, may void the warranty if the technician determines that the motorcycle has been subjected to extreme conditions.

Extended Coverage

While BMW does not offer extended coverage for its motorcycles in the U.S., you can purchase extended coverage for your BMW motorcycle from an independent repair shop. The coverage can be as long as seven years, and in some cases there is no limit on mileage. An inspection at the shop is required.


For further questions, contact BMW's customer service at (800) 831-1117 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, or email them at Customerservice@bmwmotorcycles.com

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