How to Get a Free VIN Check Report

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Getting a free VIN check or free VIN report is an excellent idea if you are planning on buying a used car. A free VIN check tells you whether or not the car has been stolen. It is totally free, so it won't cost you anything. You can get a free VIN report several different ways.

First copy down the car VIN number from inside the door along the frame or above the dash near the windshield. If you are buying a used car, the VIN should be available online through the dealer. If not, call the dealer and request it.

Go to NCIB or a car report company's website and search for the free VIN check option. Some car report companies offer a free VIN check which is identical to the NCIB's report, as an added service. You will also find free VIN check forms on many car websites.

Enter your car VIN number into the field where it is requested on the website and click submit. In minutes you should receive a free VIN check for the used car. It will either be emailed to you or it can be downloaded from the site directly.

Read the free VIN check to determine if the used car has been stolen, or if the report provides it, if the used car has been totaled, salvaged or issued a junk title.


  • check Not all free VIN checks are the same but generally they will offer information on whether the car has been reported stolen, or has had major damage.
  • check Free VIN check information is taken from the NCIB (National Crime Insurance Burea) database which is contains reports from hundreds of insurance companies around the nation.

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