Vehicle Speed Sensor Problems

by Amy Rodriguez
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Engine sensors, such as a vehicle's speed sensor, are the extensions of the car's computer system. If the speed sensor is experiencing problems, the vehicle's on-board computer may have problems interpreting the information and subsequently shutting down car components.


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Acting like nerves, the vehicle's sensors tell the brain or computer of the car how all the key components are functioning. The vehicle speed sensor, or VSS, regulates and reports speed variations to the computer, controlling the gear shifting and torque converter.


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If there is a malfunction with a VSS, the affected components will alert the driver to the issue. Areas that may fail are the cruise control, torque converter engagement and transmission gear shifting.


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Because the vehicle speed sensor works closely with all the other sensors within the engine, it is imperative that the sensor is repaired or replaced, if faulty. The engine's computer relies on all the sensors to function properly to run the mechanism correctly.

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