How to Troubleshoot the OBD2 Code PO700

by Sameca Pandova
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The P0700 OBD2 code is a general transmission error code triggered when there is a transmission related problem in a vehicle. The P0700 code is accompanied by secondary codes by the vehicle ECM to help pinpoint the actual malfunction. Diagnosing a P0700 problem entails having your vehicle scanned to isolate the issue. Without knowing the secondary codes, a P0700 error code can be anything from a sensor failure to low line pressure in a transmission so having your vehicle scanned to pinpoint the underlying issue is vital to avoid expensive uninformed repairs.

Step 1

Record any symptoms your car is exhibiting. You need to make a log of the problems and when they occur. Providing the log to a mechanic to help diagnose the problem.

Step 2

Use a scanning tool to scan your vehicle. A variety of private companies sell OBD2 scan tools that you can use to scan your own vehicle for error codes. While scan tools are available for purchase at many automotive supply stores, most scanners will only read engine control module codes. Since the P0700 is a transmission control module error, you will need to confirm that the scanner can display TCM errors.

Step 3

Take your vehicle to a professional to be scanned. A scan will be able to read the secondary error codes your vehicle is stores in addition to the P0700 code. Many large automotive chain stores will provide OBD2 scans for free, or you can have your vehicle scanned by your dealership or a independent shop.

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