Silverado Problem Code P0700

by Sameca PandovaUpdated June 08, 2023
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Chevrolet vehicles that report an on-board diagnostic error code P0700 have developed a transmission problem. The P0700 code is a general transmission problem error code. Additional scanning and evaluation will be required to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem.


The transmission of a vehicle which has suffered a transmission problem will send the P0700 code to the vehicle engine control module (ECM), which triggers the check engine light. It does not specify the problem, only that a problem has occurred. Alongside the P0700 code, the transmission may send additional error codes if it has identified the problem (such as a solenoid).

Additional Scanning

Connecting your vehicle to a on-board diagnostic scanning tool will provide a list of error codes present in the ECM. You can obtain a full list of errors from a Chevrolet dealer or an independent shop. Some large automotive part chains will also provide complimentary error code lists.

Diving Issues

Carefully drive the vehicle to see if there is a noticeable issue that has developed, such the transmission failing to up-shift or engage overdrive. Check the transmission fluid via the dipstick in the engine bay to assure adequate fluid levels. Making a careful list of the noticeable problems will help the dealer or independent shop identify the specific transmission problem.

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