Uses for Silver & Deming Drill Bits

by Eric BagaiUpdated September 15, 2017
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Silver and Deming drill bits have straight shanks smaller than the diameter of the bit. Another name is the reduced-shank drill bit. Generally, this bit is 6 inches long and consists of a ½-inch shank with a 3-inch flute. There are many brands of Silver and Deming drill bit sets manufactured by different companies catering to various customized needs.

Drilling Aluminum Alloy and Common Uses

Generally, high-speed steel, heavy-duty molybdenum, or cobalt steel are the chief components of Silver & Deming drill bits. These special bits find applications in drilling aluminum alloys. They also ensure an improved chip ejection. They have a smooth finish for use with other drilling materials. Machines such as lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and hand-held drills use Silver & Deming bits. The bits allow 30 percent more speed than usual high-speed bits. These heavy-duty drill bits also resist abrasion and have better accuracy.

Drilling through Steel and Hard Metals

American Power makes an eight-piece Silver & Deming drill bit set designed for drilling in steel and other hard metals. The set has eight different sizes varying from 9/16 inch to 1 inch. The complete set comes in a pouch and the drill bits are for any ½-inch chuck. These bits are black nitrate high-speed steel. Neiko makes an eight-piece Silver & Deming drill bit set in the same sizes as those by American Power. These are cobalt-coated high-speed steel. They have better durability and stay sharp longer.

Drilling Large Diameter Holes in Steel

Neiko Tools USA makes a 17-piece Silver & Deming drill bit set designed for making large diameter holes in steel and other hard metals. These drill bits consist of high-speed cobalt-coated steel. The set has 17 sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. The bit is for drill presses with ½-inch chucks or larger. The cobalt coating ensures durability. The drill bit has faster penetration compared to other bits.

Cobalt Bits for all Drilling Applications.

Neiko Tools USA makes a 37-piece Silver & Deming drill bit set for use in nearly all drilling applications. These bits consist of polished high-speed steel. This set has two cases, one suitable for small chucks and the other for larger ones. The 37 bits vary in size from 1/16 inch to 1 inch.

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