What Does SAE Mean in Tools?

by Jennifer Reed
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Tools are needed for all types of jobs. When taking an engine apart, certain size tools are required. Without the correct tools, many other tasks simply could not be accomplished -- or at least would become more difficult and time-consuming. If you work with tools regularly, it helps to understand the size requirements and types of tools available.

Tool Sizes

Tool measurements are either "Metric" or "Standard." The latter refers to SAE tools. SAE tools are measured in 1/1000 of an inch. Metric tools are measured by the metric system. The "mm" listed on metric tools refers to millimeters.

SAE Defined

SAE is an abbreviation for Society of Automotive Engineers. All standard tools bear the SAE stamp. SAE tools are widely used on domestic vehicles. Most imports and newer cars require metric tools for repairs.

SAE Explained

The Society of Automotive Engineers is a network of scientists, engineers and practitioners involved in the automotive industry. SAE's goal is to develop and advance automotive technology. It also focuses on customer safety and strives to keep automotive costs down.

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