How to Find a Used Dodge Caravan for Sale

by Heather Topham Wood

The Dodge Caravan is a minivan that has been produced since the mid-1980s. Dodge Caravan models have the ability to hold seven to eight passengers and are considered an affordable choice for consumers with families. Before you start shopping for a used Dodge Caravan, you should research the packages and trims for each year to narrow down the selection process. If you are looking for a used Dodge Caravan, you can find these vehicles from several different sources.

Check with your local Chrysler dealer. Dodge is owned by Chrysler and these dealerships will likely have a selection of used Caravans on their lot.

Browse an online database of used Dodge Caravan listings. As an example, Used allows you to search by year as well as location for used Dodge Caravans in your area. Advanced search options include filtering by price, options, body type, style and mileage.

Find used Dodge Caravans by responding to classified ads. You can use newspapers as well as online classified sites like Craigslist to find used Dodge Caravans for sale from private owners. Private owners may offer lower pricing than if you purchase through a dealership.

Attend a government held auto auction. Auto auctions are a great place to get used vehicles like Dodge Caravans at low prices. You can check your local newspaper for announcements for sheriff's auctions that are being held. Additionally, you can check on the website GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales to find out if the government agency is planning to hold an auction within your area in the near future. Keep in mind that when you attend an auto auction, you are buying the minivan "as is" and you won't have a chance to test drive the vehicle prior to sale.

Locate bank repossessed Dodge Caravan minivans for sale. You can find these through government auctions or browse online databases that compile repo car listings. For example, Repo Car Finder is a website you can use.

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