Dodge Avenger Won't Start

by Mandi Titus
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The Avenger is a Dodge sedan that is part of Chrysler Group LLC. The first models were released in 2008. Just as with any vehicle, you may encounter some problems with your Dodge Avenger including a failure to start. If this happens to you, there are a few simple checks that can be done to troubleshoot your Avenger before calling in a professional mechanic or towing your vehicle to a dealership.

Step 1

Put the key in the ignition of your Dodge Avenger and try to turn it. If it does not turn you will be unable to start the engine. Check to make sure that the steering column is locked by turning it to the left and right until it clicks. Once it is locked try to turn the key again.

Step 2

Check to see if the battery has a charge. Turn the key so that it is in the "Accessories" position and turn on the headlights or interior lights. These should light up even if the car is not on. If they do not, the battery will need to be charged, replaced or jump started.

Step 3

Check the fuel level in your Avenger. This can be done while the key is turned to the "Accessories" position as well. If the fuel gauge shows very little or no fuel, or if you are unsure if the gauge is accurate, add one gallon of fuel to the vehicle and attempt to start it again. Without enough fuel in the fuel tank, the car will have trouble starting.

Step 4

Turn the key to the start position and listen for any noises that your Avenger makes. If you hear a clicking sound there may be a problem with the starter. If you hear nothing at all, the ignition switch may be bad and need to be replaced. If the vehicle starts briefly, then stops, the fueling system is likely the cause.

Step 5

Open the hood. Read the owner's manual to locate the position of the oil dipstick, as well as the transmission fluid and coolant. Check these fluid levels. Fluid levels must be between the minimum and maximum lines for the engine to function properly. If they are not filled appropriately, add the necessary fluids and attempt to start the Avenger again.

Step 6

Contact a professional mechanic if you are unable to determine the problem with your Dodge Avenger. Have the vehicle towed to a garage or dealership that can diagnose and repair the problem.

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