How to Use the Xanavi's Navigation System

by Chanel Adams
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Xanavi is the producer for the Nissan DVD navigation system. This lets you reach your chosen destination with turn-by-turn directions and downloaded maps. To start using your navigation system, you must order and upgrade to the latest DVD. You are then required to upgrade your navigation system every year after the next. After inserting the DVD, you will be able to use the updated maps.

Step 1

Log onto Click "Buy Now" in the "Nissan Owners" selection. Choose your Nissan's model from the drop-down box. It will display the latest update for the navigation system.

Step 2

Click "Add to Cart" then select "Buy Now". Purchase the order with a credit card or debit card. Wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail.

Step 3

Enter your Nissan. Press the "EJECT" button on your navigation system. This could be located in the center console, under the passenger's seat or in the glove box, depending on your model. Consult your user manual if you cannot locate it.

Step 4

Start the ignition and power on your navigation system. Insert the DVD into the disc drive. Enter the authentication code, if necessary. The code will be located with your software case.

Step 5

Wait for the update process to begin. Eject the DVD when it is complete. You can now drive and use your Xanavia navigation system.

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