How to Use a Winch Snatch Block

by Bob White

If you get your 4x4 stuck in the mud, away from civilization, a winch is a handy tool. Sometimes the winch's power is not sufficient to retrieve the vehicle. In these situations a winch pulley block can almost double the pulling power using basic physics. Understanding how to use the pulley correctly is essential for a successful rescue. It is smart to practice these basic winching techniques before heading out on the trail.

Choose a stable spot to secure a tree strap to. A tree with a thick trunk is a good option. Wrap the tree strap around the object and connect both ends with a D-shackle.

Move the winch's controls to the neutral position. Put on gloves to protect your hands and pull the wire rope out by walking toward the tree strap.

Wrap the wire rope around the pulley block and attach the pulley block to the D-shackle. Close the shackle's locking mechanism.

Pull the wire rope back to your vehicle and fasten the rope's hook to the vehicle's tow hook or frame.

Put a movers blanket on the center of the rope between the pulley and vehicle. This will lessen the chance of someone being injured if the rope snaps under tension.

Ask everyone to move well away from the wire rope and begin winching your vehicle from its location.

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