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How to use a Seat Belt Cutter

by braniac

How many times have you seen a movie where there is an accident and the victim could not get their seat belt unfastened? Believe it or not, this is not such a far fetched scenario. Although seat belts save lives, in an emergency it may be necessary to cut the seat belt quickly. You can achieve this by using a razor-like tool called a seat belt cutter.

Step 1

A seat belt cutter consists of a tool with a handle in which a razor embedded in it. The sharp edge of the razor is protected by the handle with only a small portion of the blade visible at the point where only a seat belt may fit between the handle of the cutter and blade.

Step 2

In the event that an accident occurs and the seat belt restrains the victim and will not release, you should be prepared to cut the victim loose from the seat belt.

Step 3

To cut the seat belt, firmly grasp the webbing of the belt and pull it far enough away from the victim so that there is no chance of cutting this person.

Step 4

Using the seat belt cutting tool, ensure that the webbing of the seat belt slides toward the exposed part of the razor. Ensure the webbing material does not gather as it moves toward the razor or it will be difficult to cut.

Draw the seat belt cutter across the webbing material. This motion should be enough to cut the seat belt free.


  • Never move a victim that appears to be injured or unconscious, unless he or she is in immediate danger or jeopardy, without the aid of trained medical personnel.

Items you will need

  • Seat Belt Cutter

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