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How to Use Rubbing Alcohol to Melt Ice

by Alicia Bodine

There are many mornings throughout the winter where you wake up only to find that your car windshield is covered in ice. Some of that ice seems to get such a good grip on the windshield that it doesn't want to let go. In this case, you need to use alcohol in addition to your ice scraper. The alcohol will melt the ice rather quickly so that you can get moving.


Brush all of the snow off of your windshield to get down to the ice.


Pour an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol over your windshield. Start at the top since the alcohol will flow down. Slowly move from the driver's side of the windshield to the passenger side.


Wait two or three minutes and then use your ice scraper to scrape away the remaining ice. It should come off with ease.


  • Use a bottle of rubbing alcohol anywhere else you have ice that you need to melt.
  • You can also add alcohol to water in a plastic zipper bag to make a gel pack. When placed in the freezer, the alcohol keeps the water from freezing.


  • Do not pour hot water on your windshield to melt the ice. It can cause the windshield to crack.

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