How to Use Liquid Glass Car Care

by Gwendolen Akard
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Liquid Glass is a line of products designed to impart high shine to your automobile's exterior. While the products are pricey, the line has a reputation for being durable and of high quality. Liquid Glass offers everything from vinyl care to car wash and wax. While they recommend that you use all the products together, the wax is what imparts the majority of the gloss.

Step 1

Check the car for any surface scratches, oxidation, bird droppings, old wax, etc. If you notice any or have recently applied a different type of wax to the car (other than Liquid Glass), you need to use a pre-cleaner to remove these imperfections before waxing.

Step 2

Pour some of the Liquid Glass pre-cleaner onto a clean cloth and apply a light coat with a straight back and forth motion.

Step 3

Wait until a slight haze appears on the car's surface. When it does, wipe down the vehicle with a clean, soft cloth.

Step 4

Allow the car to sit in the sun to cure, as recommended by the Liquid Glass company. If you are scared of bird droppings, you don't need to let the car sit for very long.

Step 5

Apply the Liquid Glass Polish in a light coat with a coarse cotton cloth. Use a straight back and forth motion as you did before. Apply the polish one section at a time.

Step 6

When a haze appears on a section, wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 7

Allow the car to cure in the sun for four hours before applying another coat. If you don't want to apply another coat immediately, you can do so at a later date. Use the Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate in between coats to clean and freshen.

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