How to Stop a Car Window From Sticking in the Winter

by Jennifer Leighton
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Winter snow and ice can create a beautiful visual display, but can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Car windows may begin to stick or even to freeze shut when the temperatures drop, causing frustration with drivers who simply want to use their vehicle normally. There are several different methods that can put a stop to sticking windows in cold weather.

Silicone Spray

Step 1

Place protective gloves on your hands.

Step 2

Apply a silicone spray product to the edges of car windows. Use sparingly because silicone spray is extremely slippery and a small amount goes a long way.

Step 3

Work the silicone spray into the edges of the car windows with a clean white cloth. This will ensure even coating around the window and will help prevent sticking during cold weather.

Roll the windows up and down to verify that they are no longer sticking. Repeat as needed.

Car Heat

Step 1

Turn on the car engine and place the car heater on high.

Step 2

Close all car doors and allow the car heater sufficient time to heat the entire vehicle, including the weather strip by the car windows.

Attempt to roll windows down. If the windows still stick, insert a credit card or comb to gently break the ice seal in between the car windows and weather strip.

De-Icer Products

Step 1

Spray the chemical de-icer around the edges of the windows, where the window meets the car door. The de-icer will begin to melt any ice on contact.

Step 2

Spray a second coat of de-icer if you can still see any ice around the window borders.

Roll the windows up and down to ensure they no longer stick. Repeat as needed.

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