How to Use a Fuel Additive

by Alibaster Smith

Fuel additives are generally used to help clean the internal components of your fuel system. Fuel injector cleaner, for example, helps to remove debris that accumulates over time on the fuel injectors. Other fuel additives remove carbon deposits that accumulate on the valves. Dry gas is another additive that helps to remove any condensation and water from your gas tank.

Step 1

Go to a gas station. Fill up your gas tank.

Step 2

Pour in a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. When the bottle is empty, throw it away, close the gas cap and shut the gas cap door.

Step 3

Drive the vehicle until you have nearly emptied the gas tank.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1 and 2 every month. This should act to clean your fuel injectors.

Step 5

Drive your vehicle until the gas tank is on the \"e\" or is near empty. Pour a bottle of dry gas into the gas tank and then fill up the gas tank with regular gasoline.

Step 6

Repeat step 5 every month along with steps 1 and 2. Together, this should: 1) Reduce or eliminate the condensation building up in your tank during the winter and summer months and GO 2) remove carbon deposits and other debris from your fuel injectors and other fuel system components.

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