How to Use an Equalizer Hitch

by Nathaniel Miller

The Equalizer Trailer hitch system is a 4-point attachment system that adjusts to your vehicle and trailer to ensure a safe and stress free haul. The Equalizer hitch system is an all inclusive hitch that has pre-attached sway bars that can be adjusted to evenly distribute the weight of the trailer so that you do not get any negative feedback (from crosswinds, passing vehicles, or road vibration) in the steering. Due to the fairly sophisticated design of the Equalizer, it may seem difficult to mount an use. But it is actually quite easily mounted and used if you just follow a few short simple steps.

Install the link plates on the sides of the trailer's coupler area. Loosen the bolts holding the link plates together and then slide the link plate over the trailer coupler. Tighten the link plates down according to the table provided in the manufacturer's instructions. You want the sway arms to easily clip into the link plates, but not be loose at the same time.

Examine the height of your vehicle in comparison to the height of the hitch of the trailer. Mount the hitch shank in the upward position if you have a low vehicle or low trailer and mount it in the downward position if the vehicle is high. Use the included hardware to mount the hitch head onto the shank and then mount the ball on the hitch head.

Back the vehicle up to the trailer and line up the trailer tongue and the ball. Slide the hitch down onto the ball and then attach the link plates to each side of the trailer.

Tighten them down with the ratchet set and flip the ball lever back so that the trailer is securely locked into place on the ball. If you have safety chains, now is the time to attach them from the trailer to the vehicle.

Connect the wiring harness to the vehicle and then take the trailer an UNLOADED test drive. The sway bars should be good and tight while you drive, but not so much that they get into a bind when you take turns.


  • check Have a dealer assist you in first mounting your Equalizer trailer hitch as there are definite damages that could take place to you, your vehicle, or your trailer if improperly installed.


  • close Do not let the sway arms fly free as they are under a tremendous amount of pressure in thier mounted state.

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