How to Use Diesel Fuel Additives

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There are plenty of additives on the market today that are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is popular among those who care about the environment, because it produces fewer emissions than traditional fossil fuel. It can also be produced from a wide variety of renewable resources, such as vegetable oil and soybeans. Because diesel can be made from so many different things, its quality varies accordingly. However, if you use the right additives, you can achieve peak performance from your fuel every time.

Use an additive to keep algae from growing on the engine of your boat. Boat engines are susceptible to algae, water accumulation and several different kinds of marine bacteria. Mixing the proper additive into your boat diesel will prevent these things from taking hold of the engine.

Use an additive that will help prevent the formation of sludge and corrosion on your engine. This kind of additive is appropriate for any kind of diesel engine. When your engine is free of sludge and corrosion, it will perform better.

Keep an additive around that will prevent the formation of wax crystals in cold weather. All diesel fuel is susceptible to waxing, and those pesky crystals can clog up your engine. Once the temperatures starts dropping to 40 or 30 degrees F, you must begin mixing this additive into your fuel.

Get an additive with a detergent for cleaning your fuel injectors. It's easy for fuel injectors to become clogged with sludge and crystals. However, when you put a detergent-based additive into your fuel, the injectors will stay clean and you'll get better fuel efficiency.

Select a lubricant additive. Lubricants in your fuel will constantly bathe your engine, keeping all of its working parts moving smoothly. This will prevent cracking, breaking and erosion of parts and will consequently help your engine to last longer.


  • check It's not only cars that can take diesel fuels. Farm equipment, boats, recreational vehicles and construction equipment all typically run on diesel as well. There are additives you can use that are made specifically for every possible kind of diesel engine.
  • check You can buy diesel fuel additives at most auto parts stores, boat supply stores, farm equipment stores and home supply stores. If you have any questions about which brands of additives are the best, you can ask your mechanic or a store employee.

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