How to Use Arrow Rivet Tool

by Thomas West

Arrow is an American company that manufactures several varieties of fastening tools such as staple guns, nail guns, hot glue guns, and rivet tools. The Arrow Rivet Tool is made from steel and has vinyl hand grips. The nose piece can be interchanged to accept different sizes of rivets. Rivets can be used to fasten gutters and downspouts, sheet metal heating and air conditioning ducts, or other metal or automotive applications. The main advantage to using rivets is that you can fasten two pieces of metal together without needing access to the rear of the work

Step 1

Measure the thickness of the work to be fastened, and choose a rivet for your job that has a thicker grip range than this thickness. Drill a hole into the work using a power drill with the correct size of drill bit installed. Ensure the hole drilled is the same diameter of the grip range of the rivet, which will be 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, or 3/16 inch. The grip range is the thickest part of the rivet that the rivet tool expands into your drilled hole, holding the work together.

Step 2

Match the diameter of the hole in the nosepiece to the outside diameter of the narrowest part of the rivet you are using. Insert the narrower end of the rivet into the nose piece. Use the nosepiece that the rivet fits into snugly. Change the nosepiece by squeezing the handles of the tool together and backing out the present nosepiece with an adjustable wrench. Thread the correct size of nosepiece onto the tool and tighten in a clockwise direction. Release the handles.

Step 3

Open the jaws of the rivet tool and insert the rivet into the nose piece of the tool. Make sure the grip range of the rivet is protruding from the end of the tool.

Step 4

Push the rivet into the hole you drilled. Push the tool up against the rivet so that it flush with the surface of the work.

Step 5

Squeeze the handles of the tool together, which expands the grip edge to secure your work, as well as cuts off the excess length of rivet. Remove to rivet tool from the work. Turn the tool upside down so that the excess length of rivet falls out of the nose piece.

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