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by Ambriel Maji
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Mechanics heavily depend on the tools they use as every task dealing with auto mechanics involves tools at some point. Professional mechanics will invest a lot of money throughout their career for quality tools. There are certain tools that are required for all mechanics as they are used on most automotive jobs.


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Wrenches are one of the most used tools in a mechanic's job. Wrenches aid in removing nuts and bolts. Wrenches come in sets in standard and metric sizes along with abnormal sizes for special jobs. To help complete a mechanic's tool box the mechanic will need both types of wrenches, Allen wrenches, a ratchet and socket set and a high powered air ratchet wrench. The air ratchet wrench will aid in harder tasks where more than muscle is needed to remove bolts and nuts.


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Due to the various types of screws and sizes and different locations it’s important to have a variety of screwdrivers. Mechanics will need a variety of sizes and lengths of both flat and phillips head screwdrivers. Magnetic tipped screwdrivers are also helpful in areas where the mechanic cannot easily reach the screws. Bendable screwdrivers aid in small hard to reach spaces a straight screwdriver can not access.


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To complete certain jobs correctly a mechanic will need a variety of pullers. There are various types of pullers such as ball joint separators, bearing pullers, slide hammers and gear puller tools. Using the proper pullers protects the part being removed; using pliers or other incorrect tools can damage the part being removed.


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The voltmeter is used for checking voltage and for troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical components. A voltmeter is also used to check a battery and help identify a shorted wire or a bad connection.

Fluorescent Drop Cords

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Fluorescent drop cords replace the basic light bulb used for working underneath an auto. Fluorescent drop cords are cool to the touch and nearly break resistant. The fluorescent drop cord avoids burns to the body from light bulbs and reduces the dangers of broken glass from broken bulbs. Fluorescent drop cords emit a lot of light with minimal glare.

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