How to Unlock a Dodge Durango

by Dave Baker NYC

The Dodge Durango fits somewhere between a midsize and full-size SUV. Big rig looks aside, unlocking the Durango is similar to the process for most other vehicles: insert and turn a key. If your Durango is equipped with power locks, you can also use your key fob to gain access.

Use the Key


Insert your key into the lock cylinder on a door of the Durango. The key is double-sided, so you can insert either side up.


Turn the key counterclockwise to unlock the door.


Turn the key clockwise to lock the door again.

Keyless Entry


Stand no farther away than 65 feet from the Durango.


Press the "Unlock" button on your key fob to unlock the driver's door. The parking lights on the vehicle will flash twice as an acknowledgment.


Press "Unlock" again if you wish to unlock all doors.


  • check There's no need to point the key fob directly at the door lock; the transmitter has a wide operating range.
  • check Check the battery in your key fob if you can't seem to get it to work properly.


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