How to Unflood a Carburetor

by Robert Inglis
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The role of the carburetor is to blend fuel and air in an internal-combustion engine. The engine might be damaged if fuel is not mixed with air in the proper ratio. The engine becomes "flooded" and will not run if too much fuel is mixed with air.

Step 1

Locate the spark plugs in the engine. They are at the end of a group of wires that go into the engine. Remove the plugs from the engine by first taking off their tops. Insert the wrench into the engine and unscrew the plugs.

Step 2

Clean the plugs off with a paper towel and let the plugs dry out. The plugs can also be dried with compressed air. Evenly apply a small spray of starting fluid to the plugs after they are dry. Re-install the plugs.

Step 3

Pour stabilizer and gas-line antifreeze in the gas. Pour a little oil down the cylinders. Attach a trickle charger to the car battery.

Step 4

Start the car without touching the pedals. Hold the pedal to the floor with the choke off; turn the engine over until it starts.

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