How to Unclog a Sunroof Drain

by April Dowling
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Sunroof drains are designed to channel outside water around the sunroof. When these four drains are clogged, water can leak through the cracks and cause damage to the interior of the car. Sunroof drains should be cleaned regularly, such as every time the car is washed. Maintaining sunroof drains can prevent costly damage to the interior of the car, as well as allow the sunroof to last longer. Simply inserting a flexible wire down the drain can unclog the drains.

Step 1

Locate the four sunroof drains on your car. The two front drains empty out inside the front door jams, while the two back drains empty out inside the rear bumper.

Step 2

Insert a slender, flexible wire cable into a drain hole. Twist the cable gently back and forth as it enters through the drain.

Step 3

Pull the cable out of the drain to remove clogged dirt, debris and water. Clean out the other three drains the same way you cleaned the first drain.

Step 4

Pour water over the sunroof to ensure the water freely drains out of the drains. If the water does not drain out, clean each drain again with the wire cable.

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