How to Clean the Roof Drainage Tubes on a Toyota RAV4

by Zach Lazzari
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Cleaning the drainage tubes is an imperative task on the Toyota RAV4. The tubes collect and drain water off the roof to help protect the sunroof area. The tubes clog with dirt and debris and the water will eventually begin draining inside of the car. The water will damage your carpet and risk creating mold inside the vehicle. Clean the tubes monthly to maintain a smooth flow of water outside of the vehicle and to protect the car's interior from damage.

Step 1

Turn the key to the "On" position and open the sunroof. Locate the hole on each front corner of the sunroof. The holes are at the top of the drain tubes.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to clear visible debris from the drain tube. Place the hose of an industrial vacuum against the tubes and suck any extra debris from the tube.

Step 3

Place an air compressor hose in the tubes and shoot air through the tubes to blow extra debris out the bottom side. The compressor is ideal for stubborn clogs.

Step 4

Close the sunroof and exit the car. Spray the roof with water for one minute. Enter the car and look for leaking around the sunroof and on the driver and passenger-side floor areas. The absence of leaks means the tubes are clean.

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