How to Unclog an AC Drain on a Nissan Sentra

by Justin Cupler
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When you begin seeing water accumulate on the passenger side floor of your Nissan Sentra, it can be one of two things. Your A/C system's evaporator core could need repair, or it could simply just need to be cleaned. The later is the more common of the two problems as mold grows in the drain hose and causes clogging. Dirt and debris from the road also gets stuck in the hose. Cleaning it is fairly easy with some basic tools and know-how.

Step 1

Jack up the front of the car, and secure it on top of two jack stands.

Step 2

Locate the A/C drain hose under your car using the flashlight. It is a basic rubber hose running out of the bottom of the firewall near the middle of the car.

Step 3

Straighten out the metal clothes hanger using the pliers.

Step 4

Push the clothes hanger into the tube very gently and twist back and forth.

Step 5

Push, pull and turn the hanger until you reach the top of the hose.

Step 6

Pull the hanger out, and inspect for any mold or debris.

Step 7

Repeat this process until water begins to slowly drip from the drain hose. The water may run quickly as well, depending on the amount of water stored in the evaporator.

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