How to Unclog the Drain Hose in a Camry

by Justin Cupler
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The evaporator core on your Toyota Camry will fill with water over time, and it needs to be able to drain this water out. To allow for drainage, a rubber hose runs out of the core and down the firewall. Occasionally, this hose may become blocked by debris or mold, causing the water to build up and leak on the floor of your vehicle. Unclogging this hose is a fairly simple task.

Step 1

Jack up the front of the vehicle and secure it with jack stands.

Step 2

Locate the drain hose, using the flashlight: The hose comes from the firewall, on the passenger's side; it is a flexible rubber hose, so it may be out of place.

Step 3

Straighten out the metal hanger, using the needle-nosed pliers. Make the hanger as straight as possible, so that it does not damage the hose.

Step 4

Push the hanger into the hose; take care not to press too hard and damage the hose. Move the hanger around the hose, clearing out all of the debris.

Step 5

Look for water to flow through the hose. When water begins to flow, the hose is cleared.

Step 6

Lower the vehicle, start it and run the air conditioning for 20 to 30 minutes, watching for water to drip from the hose. If it is dripping, the hose is operating properly.

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