UD Diesel Motor Specifications

by Julia Salgado

The UD brand was owned by Nissan until 2007, when it -- and Nissan Diesel, its parent company -- were bought out by the Volvo group. UD initially stood for uniflow scavenging diesel engine but -- through some clever rebranding -- was changed to the more romantic, Ultimate Dependability. The UD brand focused primarily on diesel-engined trucks and buses.

Engine and Transmission Specs

The Nissan UD 1800 was powered by a 225 HP, six cylinder engine. The engine was turbocharged, which meant the air flowing into the engine is compressed and therefore much denser. This increases the power output of the engine. The Nissan UD 1800 had a six-speed transmission and a 33 gallon fuel tank.

Brakes, Tires and Steering

The vehicle was fitted with air over hydraulic brakes, which meant a combination of compressed air and hydraulic pressure was used in the braking process. An exhaust brake was also installed on the vehicle, which used compressed exhaust gases in the exhaust manifold to slow the engine down. The UD 1800's tires were 215/75R 17/5 radial tires mounted on 6-hole steel disc wheels, and the vehicle was equipped with power steering.

Body Specs

The 2000 UD 1800 included a Jerr-Dann heavy duty steel rollback. The rollback had removable sides, a light bar, hydraulic wheel lift, dual bed controls, air PTO and frame mounted storage box. The bed of the rollback was 19 feet long.

Additional Features

The 2000 model of the UD 1800 included air-conditioning and an AM/FM stereo with cassette player. In addition to this the vehicle was equipped with power windows and door locks as standard. The rollback version had an extended cab for three man seating and a center seat that folded out into a desk or console. The UD 1800 also used an air brake as a parking brake.

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