The Technical Specifications for a 1995 Ford F-800 Medium Duty Truck

by Sam Grover
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The 1995 Ford F-800 truck was used for commercial and industrial applications. It could be customized to fit either a flatbed or a standard semi-truck trailer, and could also be shortened if the driver does not require as much space. It could also accommodate add-ons such as cherry-pickers and hook-and-ladder sets.


The 1995 Ford F-800 had a turbocharged diesel engine that displaced 5.9 liters of air and fuel. The turbocharger made it more efficient by putting more air into each cycle, using the exhaust as a driver for that air. The engine was capable of 175 horsepower at 2,400 rpm.


The fuel tank on the 1995 Ford F-800 could hold 50 gallons, and the truck's gross vehicle weight was 26,000 pounds. Its FA and RA capacities was 9,000 and 17,500 lb., respectively. Its wheelbase was 225 inches, and it could accommodate a 24-foot van body.

Other Specifications

The 1995 Ford F800 had a six-speed, manual transmission. Its brakes were hydraulic and its wheels were made up of spokes. It used a spring-based suspension, and it had single axles. It was equipped with power steering.

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