Specifications of a 1967 Ford F600

by Dan Boone
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flatbed truck, forklift image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.com

Ford manufactured a utilitarian truck in 1967 called the Ford-600. It was a powerful machine, with a strong capacity for hauling. Constructed from steel and wood, it was often used as a truck on farms and used for carrying grain. It held about 330 bushels, with an average capacity of 68 miles per hour which varied depending on the weight of the haul.

Engine and Transmission

The Ford 600 had a 330 Ford V-8 engine. It had a four-speed transmission with a two-speed differential.


A steel frame and steel wheels sat on single axle with front and rear tires measuring 9.00 by 20. A large capacity fuel tank, which could hold 50 gallons, made the truck ideal for non-stop long hauling.


The steel and wood bed measured 16 feet by 96 inches with wood deck steel runners, and a twin cylinder hoist.

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