How to Tune Up a Jeep Liberty

by Aaron Marquis
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The engine and chassis of your Jeep Liberty are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday driving as well as the demands of rough off-road use. To maintain the integrity of your Jeep Liberty's mechanical systems, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you perform a "tune up" roughly every 60,000 miles. Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle will safeguard against catastrophic failure.

Step 1

Change the oil and oil filter on your Jeep Liberty as part of its tune up. Sludge in the oil pan, on the valve faces and around the piston rings can result in engine thermal breakdown.

Step 2

Drain and replace the transmission fluid. Automatic transmission synchros, which are the gears responsible for converting power to the drive shaft, can heat to critical levels, resulting in seized gears and total transmission loss. Use either Dexron or Mercon fluid in your Jeep Liberty's transmission.

Step 3

Replace the rear and front axle fluid with synthetic fluid.

Step 4

Check the air filter to determine if it needs to be replaced. A dirty air filter will appear dark gray or brown. Changing the air filter is cheap insurance against introducing foreign objects into your Jeep Liberty's intake system.

Step 5

Replace the six spark plugs with fresh plugs. New, properly firing spark plugs will ensure proper combustion in the cylinders as well as maximum fuel efficiency from your Jeep's motor.

Step 6

Change the spark plug coil wires. Heat from the engine bay causes damage to the coils over time, leading to increased coil resistance and decreased power transfer. Make sure that you connect each spark plug coil to its corresponding cylinder. Improperly connected coils will result in engine misfiring.

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