Truck Paint Ideas

by Aya Pauli
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Attractive truck paint ideas are a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer sleek, single-color truck paint jobs and some prefer patterned, multi-color paint jobs. Fortunately, there are enough painting techniques and styles available to create a custom paint job to suit anyone’s preferences. It doesn’t matter if you want a truck covered with bold tiger stripes or a truck with a soft green fade, the sky’s the limit.

Basic Truck Paint Ideas

Use a combination of colors to create a basic, but stylish, truck paint job. Instead of painting your truck apple red, have it painted red with a black underbelly and add thin black stripes around the top of the truck bed. Instead of painting your truck white, paint the top two-thirds white. Add a thin black stripe and make the bottom third of the truck body silver.

Create a basic truck paint job with a touch of pizazz by using special techniques that mix different variations of a single color. Paint a truck with a blue fade, so that the truck is light blue in front and dark blue in back for a sleek style. You can also use a fade that goes top to bottom instead of front to back. Use a fade from top to bottom in white to green to create the appearance of melting color on your truck.

Flame Truck Paint Ideas

Go as wild as you want to create a truck paint job with flames. Start with a white truck and add large blue flames coming from the underbelly. Add some medium yellow flames and small orange flames over the blue flames for a colorful style. Use white, gold and black flames coming from the hood of a yellow truck for a bold style.

Use a softer flame style if you want a subtle truck paint job. Use silver to outline the shape of flames streaking from the grill of a white truck for a smooth style. Use metallic blue to outline the shape of flames streaking from the wheel wells of a dark, metallic blue truck for a refined style.

Unique Truck Paint Ideas

Airbrush a picture onto a black truck hood to give the basic style a unique flair. Create an intricate picture of wild horses running across a grass plain or create a simple picture of a white skull and crossbones. You can also airbrush other areas of the truck with designs and/or pictures. Airbrush a cartoon devil on the back of an orange truck for a comical style. Airbrush a wreath of roses around each door handle on a pink truck for a feminine style.

Claw marks are another unique type of truck paint job. The design looks as if an animal ripped into the metal truck body. Paint jagged claw marks along the lower sides of a forest green truck. Use silver paint to color the areas where the forest green paint has been “ripped” away.

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