Kenworth Truck Colors

by Elizabeth Grant
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Kenworth truck colors are made to attract attention. This serves a safety purpose. Though these trucks are large, sometimes they may be difficult to spot by smaller vehicles on long drives, or by drivers suffering from road fatigue. Likewise, trucks that are brightly colored may be noticed on the road more quickly in the event that they suddenly need to swerve out of the way due to an accident or other road calamity.

Current Heavy Duty Colors

Heavy duty trucks are trucks often used for commercial purposes such as pulling cargo trailers or very heavy loads. They are referred to as 'tractor trailer' trucks and may haul weights over 33,000 pounds. The T660 Kenworth model comes in green, blue, red, silver, purple or yellow. Black or white may be purchased for an additional cost. The T700 Kenworth is only offered in green, red or yellow. Additional colors may not be purchased at this time. The T800 Kenworth comes in blue, red, purple, yellow, orange or gray. No additional colors may be purchased from the manufacturer. The W900 Kenworth comes with the most color options in its class, including blue, red, purple, green, teal, yellow, orange, red, silver, black and white. Two tone paint options are also available for the W900.

Current Medium Duty Colors

Medium duty trucks are vehicles often used for hauling purposes of 10,000 to 33,000 pounds of weight. These trucks are slightly smaller than their heavy duty counterparts and made for lighter work. The T170 Kenworth model comes with options of black, brown, gray, white and blue. More vivid colors such as orange, purple or red may be purchased at an additional cost. The C500 Kenworth only comes in three colors -- black, blue and white. There are no additional options at this time. The T270 Kenworth is available in green, red, orange, brown and purple. Colors that may be purchased for an additional price are white, black or gray. The T370 Kenworth is available only in black or white. Additional colors available for extra purchase include the full spectrum of Kenworth colors, which number around 50. The T440 Kenworth is available in black, white, blue, red, yellow and green. No additional colors are available for purchase. The T470 Kenworth is available in blue, white, black, red, brown, yellow, green, purple and orange. Teal and silver are available at an additional cost.

Custom Paint Jobs

Custom paint jobs are very common with personally owned Kenworth trucks. Simple artist details like a single pinstripe along the side of the cab in a different color from the base coat of paint are often seen. However, some owners decide that this is not enough. Murals are seen from time to time on the side of Kenworth trucks or their trailers. Large stencils of quotes or nicknames are sometimes seen splayed across doors or hoods. Pictures of favorite animals or scantily clad women may also appear on the cabs of these big trucks.

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