Troubleshooting an Audiovox Remote Starter

by Matthew Fortuna
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Remote starters are among the many wireless tools that can be added to your car. These systems allow you to pre-start your vehicle by engaging your ignition from as far as a couple hundred feet away. Whether you are using your Audiovox starter to warm your car up in the winter or to get it defrosted, you can program or troubleshoot the remote system in just minutes from your vehicle.

Step 1

Open your hood and locate the remote starter system module underneath. Ground the brown wire from the Audiovox starter system, and enter your car with your ignition key.

Step 2

Insert your key into the ignition slot and turn it to the "Start" position.

Step 3

Press and hold the programming button on your remote with the key held in the "Start" position, and wait for the LED light on the remote to blink for one second and then turn off.

Step 4

Remove your key from the ignition and then unground the brown wire from your starter system to complete the process and get your remote working again with the starter.

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