How to Troubleshoot a Shoprider

by Chyrene Pendleton
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After fracturing her leg, the Duchess of Cornwall rode on a Shoprider scooter on May 5, 2010, to present medals to soldiers as they returned from Afghanistan. You may know someone who needs to get around after a leg injury, or perhaps you use a wheelchair but want faster transportation. Shoprider mobility products, such as scooters and power chairs, use the latest technology. These devices require that you know how to proceed in case of warning messages or equipment breakdown. Knowing how to troubleshoot a Shoprider mobility device will help keep your device running at its best.


Step 1

Charge your Shoprider scooter batteries fully each time you use it, if you find your batteries are becoming weak. A full charge extends the battery life and prevents problems such as loss of speed and range and battery charging problems.

Step 2

Check to see if the circuit breaker popped if it looks as if your scooter stopped for no reason. Locate the circuit breaker on the detachable battery pack under the scooter seat, and press the "Reset" button on the circuit breaker, next to the yellow triangle.

Step 3

Check to make certain you have a full battery charge, as indicated on the battery level, that you have your unit turned on, that you have all connectors plugged in securely, and that you have the free-wheel device in the "Drive" position, if you find your scooter will not function.

Power Chair

Step 1

Check the battery connections to your Shoprider power chair if you see 10 bars flashing on the battery gauge; this means that your batteries have too high of a voltage or power. Locate the battery gauge at the top of the joystick controller. The 10-segment display of the battery gauge shows you how much charge you have left in the battery, as well as faults with your power chair's electrical system.

Step 2

Move away from broadcast television and radio stations and do not use your cell phone if you find you cannot control your power chair. Electromagnetic energy (EM) from these stations and EM devices, such as cell phones, two-way radios, amateur radio transmitters, can affect your power chair's performance. You may find your power chair moving by itself and even releasing its brakes.

Step 3

Reset the power chair controller by turning it off and on again if you find the controller in sleep mode. The power chair controller automatically goes into sleep mode if you leave it on and do not use your power chair for over 10 minutes. The sleep mode saves the battery charge.

Step 4

Disconnect the battery charger if you see six bars flashing on the battery gauge. The six bars represent a connected battery charger.

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